U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. Unveils New Website Designed For Enhanced Talent Acquisition Strategy

U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. Logo and New Website

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Middletown, CT 06.10.2020 – U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI), the country’s largest independent electrical wholesale distributor, announces the debut of it’s newly re-designed website which showcases the company as one of the best places to work in an effort to attract top talent as part of its enhanced acquisition strategy. 

“We’ve heard consistently that job candidates visit our website to evaluate the company during the application and interview process. Our primary goals for the re-design are to attract talent by showcasing USESI as a superior employer where new hires can make a positive impact quickly while growing their careers, while simultaneously conveying our commitment to superior service for our prospective customers,” said Mike Mueller, vice president of human resources as USESI. 

In addition to curating a new website for its talent acquisition strategy, USESI is focusing on in its employee training offerings to attract new hires. USESI’s training programs offer a best-in-class guidebook for its trainees to learn how to use the tools and techniques that will ensure their success with the company. 

“The fruits of our training programs have been evident in our success in placing talented individuals in the positions they can accel at,” said Steve Krok, director of leadership development at USESI. “The candidates coming into our programs are highly talented and motivated to make an impact right away in our organization, which has demonstrated significant ROI in terms of our dedicated training resources and job performance output.” 

Since implementing top training programs, such as ALPS and S.T.E.P., USESI has experienced an influx in interest from prospective job candidates. Coupled with its reputation as one of the best places to work and new website designed with talent acquisition as top-of-mind, USESI anticipates a greater influx is the amount of top talent seeking employment at the company. For more information about its employee training programs and current job openings, visit www.usesi.com.  

About U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. 

With over 100 years of experience, U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) is the country’s largest independent electrical wholesale distributor. The American owned company is comprised of 14 regional businesses selling products from over 1,000 manufacturers out of 125 brick and mortar locations.  At any point, it is carrying over $100M of inventory across 300,000 unique products specializing in lighting, wire & wiring devices, tools, power distribution, control automation, datacom and solar. For more information, visit www.usesi.com.  

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