Career Paths

We’re hiring for a variety of roles across the company and are searching for talented people who are excited about our mission and can add to our culture.

“We started the company from scratch in 2006, and have been continuously building it ever since, improving at a rapid rate, and operating more like a start-up than the large corporation we are.”


Summer Internships

Get a taste of the electrical distribution industry!

Not sure yet what you want to do with your career? Come spend a summer with us!

A summer internship at USESI is a great way for you to experience working for a leader in an exciting and dynamic billion-dollar industry. 

Internships at USESI are paid, hands-on positions where you’ll have opportunities to jump into the deep end and tackle real-world challenges. You’ll work side-by-side with experienced USESI staff and gain a solid introduction to our processes, giving you a taste of both the industry and the USESI way of doing business.

You’ll handle real projects, solve real problems, and come away from the experience with a better understanding of how the business world functions. If you’re a college student with a potential interest in the electrical industry, we’d like to hear from you.

Recent College Graduates

Are you ready to launch an exciting career?

Congratulations on completing your degree, and thank you for considering USESI.
Check out all we have to offer recent college grads:

We believe that effective training is a key to employee success. As a new employee, you’ll have a choice of several educational tracks to pursue. 

Our training programs combine book learning and on-the-job training. Everything you didn’t learn at school about the day-to-day realities of running a business are covered.

You’ll get a firm grasp on the electrical industry, a strong understanding of how USESI operates, and the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

By this time you’ll have a good feel for which departments might be the best fit for your interests and skills. And, you’ll be prepared for the tasks and demands each department presents.

You’ll find us to be passionate about your success, and we’ll work hard to develop our employees efficiently and through programs that are greater than any other company in the industry.  Read more about the USESI ALPS and S.T.E.P. training programs.

Experienced Candidates

You’ve laid the foundation. Now elevate your career at USESI!

Although we have a strong policy of promoting from within, we never say no to exceptional talent from outside the company.

If so, USESI wants to hear from you!

Smart, diligent go-getters who are self-motivated and dedicated have a future with USESI. Past experience in electrical services isn’t a must—in fact, we’ve found that character and commitment are much better indicators of success than previous experience in our industry.

We participate in E-Verify.

To: The Future Employees of USESI

Recently, a colleague outside USESI posed a question as to why USESI is a great place to work.

USESI is privately held by owners who have entrusted us to build the best electrical distributorship of our type, providing us with all the resources we need to do that. The people working here share that vision of being the best and are committed to that goal. 

We started the company from scratch in 2006, and have been continuously building it ever since, improving at a rapid rate, and operating more like a start-up than the large corporation we are.

But, we can’t become great just by building a company and hoping. There is much more to it. It starts with our core values — Excellence, Integrity, Shared Vision, and Employee Fulfillment. 

Our core values are more than just some cleverly-crafted words or motto, but rather they are the principles by which we run our business. We focus on these four cornerstones and continue to monitor and measure ourselves against them to assure that all at USESI are in alignment with these values.

We’ve become true leaders in technology. We are completing the conversion of each of our locations to a state-of-the-art ERP system, our central distribution centers are paperless, and we both use and offer highly-automated inventory management and demand forecasting systems. 

Also, we’ve recently completed the development of our new, highly-customized e-commerce platform that, combined with several other tools, allows us to digitize interactions with our customers while helping them become better businesses. In fact, we are in the process of digitizing every aspect of the business, and we have a great team of people working toward that goal.

Our sales teams have evolved from functioning as a traditional salesforce to providing our customers with the full support they need to achieve their goals. Our leading-edge, forward-thinking Solutions Managers aid in this support by creating and implementing new and innovative solutions. To this end, we have invested heavily in our revolutionary pre-fabrication shop in Stoughton, equipped with the Greenlee Auto-Bend and other state-of-the-art equipment, all of which are available for our customers’ use.

To support our quest for ultimate excellence, we have designed a compensation system that pays both managers and branch employees a nice bonus when they do well … and a super-great bonus when they do super great! 

Not all of the projects we are putting in place are perfectly dialed in yet. There is plenty of work left to do. But, we are working hard and are not sitting still. 

Just wait and see how all of the above are important in helping USESI grow and in making USESI an exciting place to work. Come have a look!

Randy Eddy